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Click below for videos of 2023 Women in Wine Oregon speakers. Bios here. Session overviews here.

These videos are for conference attendees and members only. Please do not share this link.

Women In Wine 2023-Andrea Lonas Photography-884.jpg

2023 Afternoon Sessions

  • Recommit with Dr. Jennifer Lincoln

  • Reshape Panel with N​öel Burgess, Tali Reed & Miguel Marquez- Garcia

  • Re-evaluate Panel with Chevonne Ball, Meg Ordaz, Janie Brooks, Robbie Hanson

  • Reflect with Maria Ponzi

  • Reconnect with Marli Williams

Women In Wine 2023-Andrea Lonas Photography-413.jpg

2023 Morning Sessions

  • Reinvest with Sheryl Wudunn & Caroline Kristoff

  • Reimagine Leadership Session with Shari Dunn

  • Redefine Session with Kate Schwarzler

Women In Wine 2023-Andrea Lonas Photography-240.jpg

2023 Morning Sessions

  • President Stacey Gibson & Emcee Marli Williams Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Respect with Tonya Pitts

  • Recalibrate with Jordan Aftanas

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