Thanks to mixologist @TeePDX for joining us for happy hour to mix up
some amazing cocktails. Enjoy these cocktails from your own
home with her secret recipes.

TEE’s Cocktail Recipes


“Berry Mint-Ade”

  • 1.5 oz Tito’s Vodka

  • 1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

  • 1.5 oz Honeybee Strawberry-Rhubarb Syrup

  • 6 Mint Leaves

  • Top w/ Soda Water

  • Ice


  • Shaker or Mason Jar w/ Lid

  • Citrus Juicer

  • Muddler

  • Jigger/Shot Glass/Measuring Cup

  • Pint/Tall Glass

Instructions: Put a small scoop of ice in a shaker or mason jar and muddle the mint. Add vodka, Honeybee syrup and fresh lemon juice. Fill to the top with ice and shake it up. Pour all ingredients into a tall glass. Top w/ soda. Garnish with mint. 


“Lady Hattan”

  • 2 oz Bourbon

  • .25 oz Honey Syrup*

  • .5 oz Amaro Nonino (optional)

  • 4-6 dashes of Bitters (Angostura, Walnut, Lavender, Lemon, etc.)

  • 4 Lemon Peels

  • Ice


  • Container w/ lid

  • Peeler or Knife

  • Mason Jar or Tall Glass

  • Muddler

  • Jigger/Shot Glass/Measuring Cup

  • Coupe or Bucket Glass

Instructions: Cut 4-5 slices of lemon peel and place into mason jar/glass. Press down on the lemon peel with a muddler to release the citrus oils. Add Bourbon, Honey Syrup, Amaro Nonino and Bitters. Fill the cup with ice and stir ingredients for 20 seconds. Pour into a coupe without ice or a bucket glass over ice. 


“Pink Lady”

  • .5 oz Vodka

  • 1 oz. Thyme Syrup**

  • 1 oz. Lemon Juice

  • .5 oz. Berry Purée***

  • Underwood Rose’ Bubbles

  • Ice


  • Container w/ Lid

  • Citrus Juicer

  • Jigger/Shot Glass/Measuring Cup

  • Champagne flute/Wine Glass

Instructions: Pour vodka, thyme syrup, lemon juice and berry purée into a shaker with light ice. Shake and strain into a flute/wine glass. Top with cold Rose’ Bubbles. Gently place a strawberry inside the glass as a garnish. 



*Honey Syrup

  • 1 c. Honey

  • ½ c. Warm Water

Instructions: Pour honey and warm water in a squeeze bottle or mason jar. Shake or stir until blended well. Store in the refrigerator with a lid. 


**Thyme Syrup

  • 1 c. Honey

  • 1 c. Water

  • 10 sprigs of fresh thyme

Instructions: Combine honey and water in a small saucepan on medium high heat. Stir. Add thyme and steep for 30 minutes. Remove the thyme and strain into a container with a lid. Store in the refrigerator. 


***Berry Purée

  • Fresh or Frozen Strawberries

  • Lemon Juice

Instructions: Combine berries and lemon juice into a blender and purée. If using frozen strawberries, allow them to thaw out. Store in a mason jar for up to a week in the refrigerator. Lasts longer in the freezer. (Save a few strawberries for garnishes.)